Father Solanus Casey

Father Solanus Casey played an important role in many people's lives, just like Jesus. He believed that living a good life meant living a life of service, love, prayer, sacrifice, and worship. He also believed that self sacrifice was imperative to a good relationship with God. His dedication to God leads to the assumption of many similarities between him and Jesus.

Father Solanus believed in a life of heavy worship. From the time he was a little boy to the time he died he prayed more than once daily. He held the belief that he would be sustained throughout his life by rosary devotion to Mary. Sometimes, during his life at the monastery, Fr. Solanus would fall asleep on the chapel floor while praying. Fr. Solanus believed praying helped him realize God's wonderful gifts and everlasting plans for us.

Father Solanus did his best to help build the reign of God. He preached to Catholics and non-Catholics alike about God and Jesus. He invited all people to join the reign of God by loving God and loving their neighbors. Fr. Solanus worked hard to preach the good news of the gospel to everyone. He also worked hard trying to feed the poor and heal the sick, just as Jesus did. Fr. Solanus's whole life was devoted to helping the reign of God, just like Jesus' was.

Father Solanus reflected the paschal mystery in many ways. His death, like Jesus' death on the cross, was slow and painful. He also prayed in his last moments. His death was a very sorrowful event to his followers, just as Jesus' was. After Fr. Solanus was dead, he continued to help and heal people, just as Jesus did.

When Jesus washed his disciples' feet he was showing his love a devotion to them, even though he knew that they would betray him in his most desperate hour of need. Father Solanus tried to show this same love and compassion to all the people whose lives he touched. When Father Solanus helped people and healed people he knew some of them were sinners. When he helped people he knew some of them were not catholic. When he advised people he knew that they had previously made bad decisions. But none of these things mattered to Father Solanus, because he loved all of God's children, just as Jesus did.

Father Solanus left many models of how to live life correctly behind when he died, just as Jesus did. He instructed that the best way to live was knowing you should rid yourself of self-will and abandon yourself to God. He also taught that we should be eternally grateful for all the blessings god has bestowed upon us. He believed that if we realized even one-tenth of what God had done for us we would be perfectly content with everything we had.

Father Solanus was a great teacher, an amazing healer, and a wise religious man. More importantly, Father Solanus was a man in God's grace. He lived his life in accordance with the will of God and urged as many people as possible to follow. His teachings and his works greatly paralleled those of Jesus. I am sure Father Solanus would be much more pleased with the things people have done in his name and memory than Jesus probably was at the shock of how people abused his name and memory.