John Lennon

I like music. Whenever I listen to my favorite music, I feel good. My favorite musician is John Lennon. I have reasons why I like him and why I choose John Lennon as famous person.

I like songs of John Lennon because of his song is kind and beautiful. In addition to we always impressed with his songs. I consider that John Lennon was one of the best musician in history because of his songs had a lot of influence on us. Everybody knows John Lennon regardless of the generation gap.

John Winston Lennon was born October 9,1940 in Liverpool England. His parents separated and his mother married another man and he ended up living with his aunt Mimi. John entered Dovedale Primary School in Liverpool in 1945. He showed a natural aptitude for drawing and word play. When Lennon was 17 his mother was killed by a bus. In 1952 John entered Quarvy Bank High School. John was well behaved in the house because of his aunt was strict woman but in school he was very bad. In 1956 his aunt bought John a guitar that started he shows his music ability and then he created the group called the gQuarry Manh. The band had shifting member until 1957 when the second permanent member was in. His name was Paul Mccartney.

John came up with the name Beatles for the group. They were performing in the cavern. In 1961 the Beatles debuted at the Cavern Club and then they released their first single gLove me Doh. John met a woman in 1966. Her name is Yoko Ono. John fell love with her and he divorced his first wife and re-married Yoko Ono. After the Beatles broke up and John started doing this by releasing solo album Imagine. But on December 8, 1980,Lennon, returning to their apartment on New York Cityfs Upper West Side, was shot seven times by a crazed fan. Lennon dead at Roosevelt Hospital.

g The Beatles being more popular than Jesush He was preaching about love and peace when the world was at war. His intelligence is song writing all through his life changed so many Peoples opinions and ideas. When his life was cut short by a crazed fan but his songs will live forever in our minds.