Minister Louis Farakan

In today's society it does not take much to bring about a change in the way we as a people think. In the prompt, choosing a living man or woman who has influenced the way we think, Minister Louis Farakan comes to mind. In his efforts to unite the men of the African American community, there were a lot of negative and positive reactions. On one side, some of the African American women believed that the Million Man March was sexest because Minister Farakan excluded the women of the nation. On the other hand, others believed that it was a great movement to help the brothers rise up and unite. A few members of other races felt that it was a plot for the Black race to try and take over. Then again, you had others saying that it was a good initative or start in modifying the role of the black man. It was then during the Million Man March, that Minister Farakan's comments posed questions in our heads. They were the kind of questions that made you stop and think. But moreso, they either made you believe in your original opinions of Minister Farakan, or they made you form new opinions. Any way that you chose to look at it, he influenced or brought about a change in the way we thought. For one, I initially believed that once you set your mind on something nothing can deter you away from it. This is a point that proved me wrong. Minister Farakan changed the way that I thought about some black men. He changed the way in which I thought about him. He changed the opinions I had on Black America. The world is constantly changing because of efforts made by other people. Minister Farakan is one of those that will have helped to re-write our history books. In this way, this has altered or changed the way some of us feel or believe on different topics.