Lucille Ball - A Role Model to All

There are so many role models throughout the world that are looked up to. We usually admire these people for their good deeds and personalities. We dream to meet them and to know what they are really like behind the scenes, off the field, or away from the microphone. We wonder about their journey to fame and how they came so respected.

The person I read about and is my all time idol is Lucille Ball. Now, Im not about to go through where she was born and what she did in her life, but to explain what one of her most known personality traits was. Lucy was known as one of the best female comedians. Every show that Lucy was in, she was always making wise cracks and making people laugh. This trait is not found in everyone. Its a gift that a child is born with and Lucy was definitely born with it.

Lucille Ball was not only a comedian but a heroine as well. She was the leader of the show and was one of few females that were able to overcome the hardships of being a woman with no say in decisions. Lucy was always one to have her say in what goes. She was looked up to by so many young females and even males as a matter of fact.

Now, Im not only supposed to talk about how great she was and what her best trait was, but to describe how I have her trait. I definitely know I have some sense of how to make people laugh since Im always doing it. Whether its a silly face, or a smart comment on the side, people always snicker or laugh. It usually makes me feel good when I put another smile on someones face. I know I wont be as good as Lucy, but I do know that she must have felt pretty great when she saw how many smiles she put on all those young ones faces.

In conclusion, people have loads of different personality traits, some better then others. As we watch and learn about our heroes and heroines, we find out what they were all about and why they made the choices that they did to become heroic. Its not so much as a wonder anymore of why we look up to them so much.