Sir Fred Hoyle

  1. Fred Hoyle was born in 1915
  2. He was born in Bingley, Yorkshire.
  3. He was English
  4. He was an astronomer and mathematician
  5. He was one of the first to apply relativity equations and modern physics to cosmology
  6. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1939
  7. He was elected a fellow of Cambridge's St. John's College.
  8. In the field of astrophysics, Hoyle is noted for working out the ages and temperatures of stars, the prediction of the existence of quasi-stellar objects that were later found, and his major contributions to the theory that the heavier elements evolved in succession from hydrogen.
  9. He was knighted in 1972.
  10. Hoyle was a prolific writer and has published many popular books on astronomy and works of science fiction.