Shakira, the Singer

There are many famous people around the world, and some of them are the singers. The singers are very important for the people thanks to their music. One of the persons that most people like because of her own style of music is the Latin girl Shakira. Thanks to all the things she did as a child, and to all the things she is going to do, she has become a star that we, the people who know her, love.

Shakira has done a lot of things since she was a child to become the famous person she is now. She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on February second, 1977. At the age of 8, she wrote her first song, and by 13 she signed a record deal with Sony Music in Colombia, which resulted in her first album, “Magia” (Magic). She wrote all the songs for this album and all the songs for Peligro (Danger); her next album that was recorded when she was 15. But that is not all; the surprise came on 1996 when she released her third album, “Pies Descalzos” (Bare Feet). Thanks to this album, she gained international fame since her two first albums were just sold in Colombia. Later, after a year, she released her fourth album, “The Remixes,” which include some songs from “Pies Descalzos” in remix style. On 1998, she began to work with the Cuban producer, Emilio Estefan. While working with him, she recorded another album called “¿Donde Estan Los Ladrones?”(Where Are the Thieves?) Because of this album, she was called the “Latin Queen of Rock and Pop.” Later on 2000, she recorded the “Unplugged Album” which was a mix of songs (sung in a mini live concert) from “¿Donde estan Los Ladrones?” and “Pies Descalzos” And this is all the work she has done to become a star.

Shakira has planned to do many things for the future. “Right now, she is taking a break, but her next logical step is crossover the English Market” ( donde_ esta_ shakira/Menu/index.html). The singer Gloria Estefan, Emilio’s wife, is helping Shakira to translate some of her best songs to the English language. She is planning to take over the American people, and I know that she will because of her great talent and own style. Another plan she has, according to the people who knows her, is to get married. Since the day she got a boyfriend, all the people is talking about it, but nobody is sure of what she is going to do.

Shakira is a person that many people love because of her music and her personality. She has become what she is now thanks to all the things she did as a child and to all the things she is doing. Even though, we are feeling sad because she has a boyfriend, and soon she could get married, but we still love her. Now that she is getting married, I have realized that she is a star. She is one of them because as a star we cannot reach her, she is so far away from us.