FDR truly tried to help the people and wanted to make a change. He was mostly successful with his New Deal Program. Each Program helped a different part of the country and its people. Focusing only on some programs, which were in the long list of programs in the New Deal program, it shows that it helped. The FHA or better known as the Federal Housing Administration helped people at that time who were in a middle class position and wanted to build or buy a new home in a secure manner.

The administration was formed to insure long-term home mortgages and offered benefits to both middle class home buyers and lending institutions from which the borrowed their money to pay for the house. It guaranteed that banks would secure loans. This helped the housing industry so much, causing new homes to be built and vacant ones to be inhabited once again. Keeping this in mind there no question if it was beneficial. Building new homes also helps the wood, paint and tool industry.

Skilled workers are needed, and unemployment goes down. This also helped the economy, the people and the lending institutions in the long-run. The FHA was incorporated into the new Department of Housing and Urban Development also known as HUD. The Office continued its role as mortgage guarantor and widened it area of responsibility to include mortgages lent to the owners of multifamily dwellings and to public housing authorities as well as individual homeowners.

Focusing now on another program called the SSA also called the Social Security Administration. This program is the most known program from the New Deal program today. And we know that is was without question successful. It secured people's earned money so when they retire they still get money and don't starve.

It not only helps the people but also helps the government. The government takes the money and invests it in secure investments or works with it in a different way and gets money from the interest of the money that the government doesn't owe.

Today the government has many problems with the social security but in spite that this program is now 62 years old, and it must have been successful to be still in action