Aleksis Kivi

1. Who actually was Aleksis kivi? 2. What did he write? 3. What was the book about?

1. Alekesis Kivi was a play writer, poet & novelist.

He was the first Finn to write a book, it was a novel.

He was born in 1834 in Nurmijarvi, Finland.

He had a sister who died when she was 16.

His old last name was Stenvall, it was a Swedish name but he changed it to Kivi afterwards.

He died when he was 38 in 1872, two years after he wrote his novel.

His two last words were Im alive. 2. He wrote a novel in 1870 which wasnt really successful because people didnt think a novel was useful enough, they thought it would have been better to write something more educational.

The books name is seitseman veljesta (seven brothers).

3. The book was about seven brothers, the oldest: Juhani and the youngest: Euro. Those seven brothers didnt really know how to read so they found it really hard because they were too old to start learning how to read (except for Euro).

They hated their teachers and the kids who were always teasing them because they didnt know how to read, they were always fighting. One day they had enough of them and left town to the forest and built there a house, which broke down a few days afterwards

The rest you should find out!