Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, being the best martial artist in the world was the result for what he did to get there, yet his death was widely misunderstood. Bruce Lee was born in the year of the dragon in San Francisco November 27 1940. Throughout life, the reputation he gained was not just by routine training; rather, he took his own form of workout to a whole new level. As good things dont last forever, Bruce Lee, unfortunately, suffered a sudden death on July 20, 1973. As his misinterpreted death spread worldwide only the true story was seldom heard.

Essentially, Bruce Lees interpretation of keeping in shape is constant daily workouts. Bruce Lees workout consisted of three categories: martial arts sparring, weight training, and extensive AB training. The workout first consists of hours upon hours of highly defined martial arts sparring. Secondly, a series of accelerated heavy weight training of his main muscles. Finally, is his extensive workout towards his ABs. Bruce Lees favorite muscle was his ABs and whenever he had time, such as watching TV, he would do sit-ups or crunches. Bruce Lee had what most people called washboard ABs and was not afraid to show it, you can see this in almost every fight scene he had in his films.

Undeniably, Bruce Lees sudden death shocked the world but the story on his death was never fully understood at that time. Yet to this day not even everyone knows the true story. Rumors were spread that wounds received in a fight caused Bruce Lees death. Another rumor was that his death was caused by a fatal gunshot wound to the head during the making of one of his movies. When in fact Bruce Lees death (according to medical authorities) was caused by Bruce Lee falling into a coma from what was known as a cerebral edema (a swelling of the brain caused by a congestion of brain fluid). To the recollection of Bruce Lees wife (Linda Lee) on the afternoon of July 20, 1973 Bruce Lee began complaining of a headache he has been having that day. Later on that night Bruce Lee took Equagesic- a type of super aspirin, given to him by a friend and soon laid down for a nap. Later that night friends tried to wake him up but couldnt.

In conclusion, Bruce Lee was best known as the best martial artist who has ever lived. What made him famous was his ability to stay in shape by always sharpening his skills. As for his mysterious sudden death, the true story about it may never be fully understood but, for the most part, it will always be in clear view to anyone who seeks it.